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Why would I choose PDR over traditional methods?

Save money and time. PDR is generally much more cost effective than traditional panel beating, and as there is no paint or associated preparation and clean-up, we are able to turn around your repair at a fraction of the time taken by traditional processes. Small jobs can be turned around same day service.

Does PDR cost more?

No! PDR is considerably cheaper than traditional panel beating. Generally most repairs will be a lot cheaper than your excess.

When is PDR the right solution?

PDR is the right solution to remove dents when there is no paint damage associated with the dent(s) and your vehicle’s paint is in good condition. The size of the dent also is relevant, if you are not sure send us a photo of the damage.

How long will it take to repair my hail damaged car

Generally we will turn your car around within 3-5 business days depending upon damage and whether conventional repair is also required.

I have a new car is this a problem?

The Dent Star team is experienced in the repair of all vehicles including prestige cars, all repairs are 100% guaranteed.

I have an excess how do I pay?

Dent Star has EFTPOS facilities on site.

I have a door ding how much will it cost to repair?

All cars are quoted on an individual basis, often sending us a pictures can assist in a rough guide.